Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outreach in Santa Ana, CA

There has been  some exciting things happening since last year. I have joined the Outreach ministry at Mariners with the Light House Community Center in Santa Ana, CA; which serves the local communities with all kinds of programs, such as ESL classes, children classes, after school tutoring for kids, adult programs, youth activities and support...etc. All carried by volunteers. All for the purpose of serving and giving a little bit of all God has given us. By serving these communities and giving the love that God has put into our hearts we help people in need and make them feel they are not alone. 

I know there is so much more to do and  more roads to transit in this purpose of God in our lives, and as for now, I can say Praise the Lord, for all the things he has done!

I took this picture tonight in class where most of the students are from Mexico. I truly appreciate the fact that they all have large families and kids at home at the end of the day, yet they make the effort to attend class at night. Some of them have to bring their kids along, thank God we also have assistance with the kids while parents learn ESL. 

I love this group of students, they inspire me and motivate me to be part of their learning process. I thank God for giving me the joy of being a volunteer and the chance to serve these people in the awesome ministry of my church, Mariners Church.